Industrial Products & Services



UF Systems & Components
CTH offers quality Ultrafiltration Systems in various sizes and configurations utilizing 4, 6, and 8 inch membranes, and with or without integrated cleaning and bag filter systems. 

RO Systems & Components
CTH offers quality Reverse Osmosis Systems for generating 1 to 150 GPM of pure water, with basic or upgraded configurations.  Systems are all custom designed for specific feedwater characteristics. 

RO Pretreatment & Media
CTH sells all types of equipment that prepares feedwater for the RO System, such as Activated Carbon, Mixed Media, or Sand Filters; as well as chemical injection equipment, such as Antiscalants, etc.  

Anolyte Systems, Cells,  & Components
CTH provides Anolyte Systems in various sizes, Anode Cells in any size and configuration.

Wastewater Treatment Systems
CTH sells Wastewater and Oil/Water Separation Systems in either spiral or tubular membrane configurations. 

UF, RO, & W/W Membranes
CTH offers UF, RO, and W/W membranes from virtually every manufacturer, in any available model.

Process Control Chemicals
A full compliment of membrane cleaners, antiscalants, strippers, biodegradable cleaners, anticorrosives, and rust removers are available for almost any application.

Replacement Parts
CTH can provide almost any part or component for new or old systems, from nuts and bolts to replacement pumps.  We have even replicated damaged portions of an entire system.

For more information or pricing, please contact us to discuss your needs and get a personalized quote.


Complete Turnkey Services

CTH provides all labor and/or equipment to complete an entire job or project.  An example, would be 

 where CTH would do the demolition of an old system, dispose of and transport old equipment, set and install new equipment, provide electrical and plumbing, functional test and startup, and finally train operators.  A smaller turnkey project may be where CTH changes media in a carbon filter.   Portions of complete and turnkey services are available by request also.

Supervision Only Service
CTH would provide one or more on site people to oversee and supervise a particular project, such as, the first UF cleaning.  This provides plant personnel the knowedge to do a particular task in the proper, and often easiest most efficient way.  This method promotes plant self-sufficiency.

Contract Services

CTH offers flexible contracted service agreements, consisting of a specified number of periodic scheduled visits, to survey operation and equipment for possible improvements, plus a specified number of contingement visits, to troubleshoot and eliminate problems.  Typically, unused contingent visits can be carried over to future contracts without added cost.

Either formal classroom training or hands-on training scenarios are available, or both.  This can be for new operators, or to retrain personnel after time on the job.

Troubleshooting & Process Improvement Surveys

Experienced personnel can survey your system and review operating practices and history to determine problem areas.  These visits pay for themselves in quality and operating cost improvements.  CTH can usually provide onsite help on short notice.

Bacteria Control

Bacteria problems in your system and fouling your membranes is a little understood problem.  CTH expertise can help to simplify and deal with bacteria issues more readily.

Engineering, Design, and Drafting Services

CTH has skilled personnel to assist with your engineering and design needs, as well as providing CAD services.   AutoCAD and ViaCAD-3D formats are used.

For more information or pricing, please contact us to discuss your needs and get a personalized quote.